Our manifesto
We, professors and lacturers of different universities, are joining forces to work with students in a new way.
In 2020-2021 we have all have experienced the greatest crisis in the sphere of higher education. COVID-19 has brought the lockdowns and disruptions in lectures and teaching but it has also caused a digital surge in higher education.

The new technologies have been of greater assistance to those seeking to undermine academic communities and to destroy their autonomy. The task we set ourselves is to build the university afresh in a way which will free teachers from the directives of administrators.

We are not a state institution and do not intend to compete with such. We do not have a campus. We will teach from home, we will teach from libraries, we will teach at summer schools. We will not cease to defend freedom of knowledge and will not let our students down.
We are the Free University of Prague.


Twitter: @pragueuni URL: www.puni.cz Skype: puni.cz info@puni.cz